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I’m often asked why I wanted to become a celebrant.  The truth is, there’s no short answer.

A few years ago I gave a reading at a friend’s wedding.  After the ceremony I was approached by the celebrant who told me….”You’re a natural – have you ever considered doing this for a living?”  At the time I was happily employed, but I thanked her for the compliment and didn’t give it any further thought.

Not long after that, I was a guest at another wedding and unfortunately for the marrying couple, things just weren’t going as planned.  The weather looked like it would turn on us at any time, the sound system wasn’t working properly and to cap it all off, the bride’s car had broken down on the way to the wedding.  Instead of taking charge of the situation and calming down the anxious groom and guests, the celebrant paced around checking his watch and continually reminded us that he had another wedding to get to and he was going to be late!  Needless to say, I don’t remember much about the ceremony itself, but I do remember the stressed-out groom and the grumpy celebrant.

This was my “light bulb moment”.

So, when the time was right, and after considerable thought, I resigned from the job that I loved. For 17 years I  worked for two of the world’s largest publishing houses and this gave me a great grounding for this business.  My everyday dealings were with numerous business owners, from small independent bookstores through to national offices of some of our largest retailers.  I had to meet and work with authors, host them during their time in Melbourne, and often address large crowds at book signings and functions.  

Working with crowds, meeting with and talking to new people….what better foundations to start with when becoming a celebrant?

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